Your Map Data

Easy audits

Capturing accessibility information for your venues is easy and takes 15 - 20 minutes, on average, to complete using our easy auditing tools.

Arbiter review

All audits are reviewed by a third-party arbiter who can provide feedback or seek more information where needed. This process ensures that your Map holds high-quality data and is easy to explore.

Track your data

Along with your Access Map, you'll also receive dashboards to track improvements to your accessibility data over time. These dashboards can be used to generate reports and inform future planning.

Accessibility Audit App 

Accessibility Audit apps capture the accessibility profile of your venues and amenities. Auditing tools are provided during the implementation phase, for all our partners. Each audit is time-stamped and geotagged to ensure accuracy and data integrity. Your information is reviewed and collated in accessibility reports: one for each location listed on your map. Our partners have ongoing access to these tools and reports, enabling continued accessibility monitoring, evaluation and improvement.

We provide high quality services

Reports for the Community 

We understand that accessibility occurs on a spectrum. The information needed to plan a visit to one of your venues will vary significantly, from person to person. Consider the needs of a parent whose child uses a pram against that of a person with blindness or low vision. The reports that are generated from your accessibility audits provide the community with granular information needed to plan their visit.

We provide high quality services

Accessibility Dashboards

We provide dashboards to ensure our partners have an overview of their accessibility data. These dashboards give high-level baseline and midline data sets, and can be exported for reporting purposes. Our dashboards are intended to help inform conversations and planning around infrastructure, resources and staff training. Insights provided through the accessibility dashboard can be used alongside other data sets (e.g. census data) to provide deeper understandings of how your community engages with accessible venues, amenities and events.

We provide high quality services

Get in touch with the team

Access Maps display public venues, amenities, organisations and events that meet a range of access needs and interests. Each map comes with a set of accessibility reports, custom branding and a quick-launch app to share events and updates with your community easily.

To find out more about Access Maps get in touch with the team at [email protected] 

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