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Put yourself on the Map

Add your Information

Create an account for your business, non-profit or council and list each of your accessible venues, amenities and events. 

Review for Accessibility

Use our app to detail the accessibility of your venues, amenities and events. 

Your Map, App & Access Page

Make it easy for your community to explore and experience your venues with your Map, App and Access Page.

Access Maps

Access Maps display transparent and up-to-date information on accessible and age-inclusive public spaces, amenities and experiences. Maps can be created for businesses, non-profits, councils and council partners that serve the community. Our Maps are built for display on websites, apps and information kiosks.

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Access Pages

Ensure all visitors feel welcomed and informed with your Access Page: an all-in-one solution for displaying verified accessibility information. Whether you’re a not-for-profit, business, or council, our Access Pages provide essential details on accessibility, nearby amenities and venue profiles, ensuring an inclusive and accessible visitor experience from the start.

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Access Apps

Access Apps increase your reach and impact by enabling your community to:

◦ install your Access Map or Pages on their phones, computers and tablets for easy access and accessibility syncs (e.g. screenreader compatibility)

◦ receive push notifications for upcoming events and emergency broadcasts

◦ find, shortlist and book accessible events in seconds

◦ get accurate directions to new destinations with ease

◦ share their favourite organisations and venues with friends and family

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Graphic of an Access Map, displayed on a smartphone. In the background is a cityscape, with a range of venues and amenities highlighted by yellow location markers. These markers include parks, libraries and restrooms.

Overviews & Dashboards

Accessibility shouldn't come down to guesswork. We ensure that accessibility features, infrastructure, staff training and accessible events hosted onsite are detailed accurately.

Our Access Capture app – the result of ongoing community consultation and collaboration – help you document your strengths and display your data on secure dashboards.

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Maps Network

Our Maps Network goes beyond individual cities or regions. We create seamless connections between different maps around the country, hosting a range of venues, amenities and events in one convenient place. This functionality helps users to access essential accessibility information wherever they want to go. By linking this information through our Maps Network, our goal is to improve inclusive travel and participation for people with a range of access needs and interests.

How it works



Each Map and subscription is priced on the number of locations. This ensures that you only pay for the information you manage and display.


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Consortiums & non-profits

Our pricing model ensures that consortiums and non-profits can keep their information, events and organisation details up-to-date in one convenient place.


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Enterprise and government

Access Maps are built to scale for a variety of uses cases. Each map can integrate with your current management or GIS system for easy maintenance.


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Get in touch with the team

Access Maps display public venues, amenities, organisations and events that meet a range of access needs and interests. Each map comes with a set of accessibility reports, custom branding and a quick-launch app to share events and updates with your community easily.

To find out more about Access Maps get in touch with the team at [email protected]

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