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Access Apps

Turn your Access Maps and Access Pages into branded apps to promote visitor retention and engagement.

Why Access Apps?

Digital accessibility

Navigating the internet isn't the same for everyone. Having an Access App ensures that people with digital accessibility needs (e.g. blindness or low vision) can access your Map at any time, from their preferred device. 


Access Apps promote engagement by enabling users to add locations to their shortlists, share events with friends and get directions to new destinations, all from one place. 

Staying up-to-date

Access Apps give our partners the flexibility and functionality of an app. They also give the option of keeping your community updated with push notifications, event updates and local news. 

Visitor personalisation and referrals

Access Apps ensure that people with diverse access needs can do more than simply locate your venues on a map. Using your App, users can create filters that meet their needs, e.g. confirmation of accessible parking spaces and accessible restrooms. This helps current and prospective visitors engage with your business more fully by:

◦ saving their accessibility filters and language preferences

◦ searching and filtering by interest, age and date range

◦ shortlisting their favourite venues and amenities for return visits

◦ booking upcoming and recurring events 

◦ sharing their favourite organisations and venues with friends and family 


Graphic of a smartphone against a city backdrop. The smartphone displays accessibility information for a disability sport organisation located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Push notifications

Keeping your community updated about current events and important changes to your business is key to client retention. Using your Access App, you can send push notifications to let users know about:

◦ emergency alerts

◦ upcoming events

◦ planned travel, transportation or service disruptions 

A person recieving a pushnotification for whealchair basketball through their Access App

Your brand, your App

We understand the importance of creating a strong identity for your audience. That's why we've ensured the integration of your branding and logo into your Access App. Each App is equipped with its own user-friendly install page for setup in seconds. This ensures that your App is easy to share with friends and family while promoting your brand. 

Photo of three people using an Access Map as they walk through a park. One person uses a mobility cane and wears an orange jacket while the others wear blue jackets and stand close by. To the left is a photo of two smartphones, displaying an Access Map for Tauranga City in New Zealand.

Get in touch with the team

Access Maps display public venues, amenities, organisations and events that meet a range of access needs and interests. Each map comes with a set of accessibility reports, custom branding and a quick-launch app to share events and updates with your community easily.

To find out more about Access Maps get in touch with the team at [email protected] 

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