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Ensure a seamless visitor experience starting with your Access Page: an overview of your venues, accessibility, events and nearby amenities, all in compliance with web accessibility standards.

Improve your visitor experience

Access Page are an all-in-one solution for displaying verified accessibility information to ensure that all visitors feel welcome. Whether you’re a not-for-profit, private business or council, our Access Pages provide essential details for an inclusive and accessible visitor experience from the start.

Digital accessibility standards

Did you know that 96% of websites across Australia and New Zealand do not meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards? This means that the website most people visit to see if your venue is accessible might not even be accessible to visitors who need it most. 

That's why Access Pages exist: to help you meet WCAG guidelines and to ensure that your accessibility information is available to visitors with a range of needs. Each Access Page adjusts to its visitor's device (e.g. screen readers) and device settings, making accessibility information instantly available. 

Enhanced visitor experience

Knowing a venue has accessible amenities is one thing, but feeling confident about accessing them in a rapidly-changing environment is another. Access Pages ensure that visitors can make informed decisions around how they engage with you. Each page is designed for effortless navigation, allowing visitors to quickly find venue information, directions, organisation updates and nearby amenities in seconds.  

Accessible Entrance Sign at Exterior Building for Wheelchair and Handicap Person. Architecture Design to Service as Privileges for Disability people.

Engagement, Reach & Retention

Individuals with access needs are more likely to frequent venues that they can confirm are accessible. They're also more likely to visit in groups of two or more. Access Pages enhance your client experience by promoting ease, transparency and convenience. Three simple features can help you retain existing clients and engage with new prospects through your Page.

Events calendar: connecting your Access Pages to a regional event calendar to promote upcoming activities and events, and to promote greater participation among visitors with diverse needs.

Sharing: Providing details about nearby amenities like accessible parking and restrooms, ensuring that clients can plan their visits confidently.

Favourites: Helping clients shortlist your venue for quick access and personalised recommendations, ensuring every visit is tailored to their accessibility preferences.

Get in touch with the team

Access Maps display public venues, amenities, organisations and events that meet a range of access needs and interests. Each Map comes with a set of accessibility reports, custom branding and a quick-launch app to share events and updates with your community easily.

To find out more about Access Maps get in touch with the team at [email protected] 

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