Tauranga City Council Access Map

Tauranga City's Access Map provides a comprehensive guide to the city's accessibility resources and includes accessible infrastructure, events and community news. To find the best ways to experience Tauranga, according to your access needs and interests, download your FREE Access Map today.

About Tauranga City's Access Map

Tauranga City's Access Map is a FREE tool for residents and visitors to the Western Bay of Plenty. Do you want to stay updated on accessible venues, experiences and news in our beautiful city? Just set your accessibility filters and check out photos and information on our accessible places and spaces, before you even set out. Our Access Maps provides you with an easy way to get around the city and explore, relax and connect in some of New Zealand's best-loved locations. To install the Access Map app on your phone, tablet or computer, choose one of the options below.

Photo of an Access Map displaying accessible and inclusive venues in Tauranga, New Zealand

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Annual audits of all locations

Tauranga City Council is committed to annual accessibility audits to ensure that residents and visitors to Tauranga are provided with accurate and up-to-date information about accessibility in our city. All audit results are collated in reports that can be viewed on your Access Map. Our goal is to continue to empower individuals with access needs, families and support staff by placing information in easy reach of all who need it, and to create a sense of  trust, belonging and inclusivity in Tauranga as New Zealand's most accessible city.